Do You Have a Small Balcony In Your Apartment? Learn How To Make It Look Beautiful

When you move to an apartment, it is important for you to take all your belongings and furniture in the proper location to make sure that you end up with an attractive and functional space. One area that people often overlook is their apartment’s balcony. This space is usually a small one and is often wasted, or people use it just for storage of their beach chairs and bicycles. But by carefully planning space, your apartment’s small balcony can be turned into an inviting and beautiful spot where you would always love to relax after the day’s work.

You can add planters to the balcony of your apartments Huntsville AL and fill them with some colorful flowers. Select different styles and colors, like daisies, azaleas, and carnations. To for them to serve the dual purpose, you can add the planters that are filled with the marigolds as they have the capabilities of repelling insects.

Your patio can be made functional and decorative at the same time if you opt to grow fruits, herbs and vegetables there. You can use ground-based planters for growing tomato plants or can use the hanging planter for this purpose as well. It is good to grow the garden plants that can thrive in planters and pots, like hot & bell peppers, rosemary, strawberries, oregano, garlic, and basil. Fill a planter with catnip, which is also known for repelling insects, or the cat grass in case if there is a cat in your apartment.

Your balcony’s outer edges should be lined with the bamboo fencing for adding some decoration as well as privacy to the outdoor living area of your Huntsville apartments. The bamboo can be attached to wood or metal railings with the help of small zip ties made of plastic or the twist ties that are plastic-coated.

Furniture can be added to the balcony of rental apartments in Huntsville to make that space decorative and livable. A synthetic table top or small glass can be arranged with a couple of wrought-iron painted chairs that can be lined with the weather resistant, decorative seat, and the back cushions. Don’t forget to add some colorful centerpiece, like a vase full of flowers to have an extra decorative touch. When it comes to the smaller spaces, you can add some wicker or wooden rocking chairs. Alternately, you can opt for porch swing as well.

A colorful rug should be draped over the side of your balcony’s railing. Make sure that you do not forget to put this rug away when dictated by the weather.

You should also check with the management of your apartment before you add balcony decorations. Decorating in with certain decorations may cause you to violate the rental agreement. So, you need to be wary of that thing.